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Home Insurance in New York

When you own a home, you must be prepared for any eventuality. Events like accidents, disasters, theft, and vandalism can be costly if you have to deal with them alone. Home insurance from EverGreen Insurance Agency – Peter Schmidt offers financial protection against such perils to safeguard you from financial loss. As a New York or New Jersey homeowner, here’s what you have to gain from a home insurance policy.

Protection for Your New York Home and Valuables

Your home isn’t immune to disaster damage. If a fire or hurricane damages your home, it may cost you a substantial amount of money for repairs. Dwelling insurance covers the cost of disaster damage, so it doesn’t come from your own pocket. By insuring your New York or New Jersey home for its full value, you’ll have enough funds to rebuild if your abode is totally destroyed in a disaster.

Disasters can also ruin your belongings. That’s where property coverage comes in. Property insurance protects your valuables, so you’ll have money to replace the goods you lose in a disaster.

Personal Liability Protection

Part of owning a home is being responsible for incidents that occur on your property. This includes accidents that can cause serious injuries to others. If your negligence causes someone to get hurt in your New York home, you’ll have to pay their doctor or hospital costs. With liability insurance, you’re covered for these costs.

Coverage, Limits, and Deductibles

You decide the scope and amount of coverage to obtain to protect your home and valuables. Standard home insurance policies have limits, which may or may not be enough to meet your needs. If not, you can purchase additional coverage to protect your valuables. Home policies also come with a deductible – that’s the part you pay before your coverage goes into effect. At EverGreen Insurance Agency – Peter Schmidt, we can help you determine the best limits and deductibles for your policy. Contact us today for all your home insurance needs.


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