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Flood Insurance in New York

EverGreen Insurance Agency - Peter Schmidt Offers Flood Insurance for New York

Flooding has become a more common hazard for homes around the country. Unusual weather patterns can leave you vulnerable to expensive losses from unexpected damage to your home. Flood insurance helps cover a variety of items that may be damaged by floodwater. At EverGreen Insurance Agency – Peter Schmidt in New York, we are committed to helping our clients find the right flood insurance coverage for their needs.

Do You Need Flood Insurance?

If you have a home in a coastal area, you are likely to understand the value of flood insurance to protect against loss from sudden flooding events. However, homes near inland waterways or those in landscapes where flash flooding can occur can also benefit from insurance. The financial institution that holds your mortgage may require you to carry flood insurance. If you have received disaster assistance funds in the past, you may be required to have flood insurance for future incidents.

Damage Flood Insurance Can Cover

Generally, flood insurance covers two separate areas. The “building” portion covers damage to electrical and plumbing systems, your furnace, your water heater, permanently installed carpeting, installed cabinets, bookcases, and paneling, staircases, and garages. The “contents” portion of your policy covers personal items such as clothing, furniture, and electronic equipment, as well as portable air conditioners, curtains, carpets installed over wood floors, and original artwork. Your agent can help you to choose the level of coverage that is right for your unique needs.

Make EverGreen Insurance Agency - Peter Schmidt Your Agent For Flood Insurance in New York

You may have a number of questions about flood insurance coverage to discuss with our experienced agents. We will be happy to explain in detail the levels of coverage that are available. Contact EverGreen Insurance Agency – Peter Schmidt today for a free, no-obligation quote on flood insurance that will protect you against expensive losses.

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