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Condo Insurance in New York

Many condos and co-ops in New York and New Jersey will require that buyers get condo insurance, but not all coverage is going to be created equal.

Getting Condo Insurance In New York

In order to find the right policy for your needs in New York and New Jersey, you need to know what your building’s master insurance policy covers. Usually, a condo owner is going to be responsible for the walls in, but each master policy can vary somewhat. Any renovation work was done since it became a condo is going to be your responsibility to replace, as well as insure. An agent at EverGreen Insurance Agency – Peter Schmidt can help you go over your master policy to make sure your individual policy covers your needs. In order to make sure you have enough coverage for your belongings, you should take inventory and then estimate what it’s going to cost to replace them. Keep in mind that it’s helpful to buy additional coverage for certain things, such as silverware, fur, and jewelry. Computer equipment may also be included, but if you work from home, you will need extra coverage for business equipment.

You also want to determine whether your building is going to require a minimum level of liability insurance. It’s a good idea to have liability insurance even if your building doesn’t cover it.

What Else Does Condo Insurance Cover in New York?

Besides covering your building, belongings, and liability, there are different areas that condo insurance covers depending on your policy. Guest medical coverage helps if guests are injured at your home, even if you’re not at fault. You can get loss assessment coverage. This helps cover you if your condo association issues a special assessment. Your insurance can kick in to cover your share. For example, if a fire damages a common area and the association wants you to pay a portion to fix it then this helps cover some of the bills. Loss of use coverage will help protect you if your condo is unlivable after a covered disaster.

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