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Motor Home Insurance in New York

A motor home is more than just an investment; it is a lifestyle of freedom to travel. There are many types of motor homes out there, anything from a small travel trailer to a luxurious coach. Just as the motor home’s size varies, so does the way you use it. Some people live in theirs on an almost permanent basis while others are only using theirs occasionally for holidays.

However big it is and however you intend to use it, if it is to drive on a public road in New York state, it needs to be registered as a vehicle and display a license plate. New York State requires proof of insurance before the DMV legally licenses your motor home. The main type of insurance required by law in New York and New Jersey, is automobile liability insurance that includes property damage liability and body injury liability purchased within the New York state.

The law is strictly applied here. If you do not maintain your motor home insurance cover, the DMV can suspend your vehicle registration, and your driver’s license can be revoked for at least a year.

At EverGreen Insurance Agency – Peter Schmidt, we provide motor home insurance policies that will protect you and help you cover expenses in the event of an accident that caused bodily harm or property damage immaterial if the fault for the accident lies with you or the other party and whether they are insured or not. Our policies are available for six months or one-year duration, depending on your needs. If you are busy, you can log in to our self-service portal, fill out a form to tell us your personal insurance needs, and receive an instant quote. However, if you prefer to talk to a human, visit our EverGreen Insurance Agency – Peter Schmidt offices, where our friendly staff will help you choose the most appropriate cover.

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