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Will my homeowners insurance pay for the repair of my foundation?

Homeowners insurance provides financial coverage for the repair and replacement of your home. However, a homeowners policy has firm guidelines regarding what’s covered. A typical policy provides coverage for damage caused by natural disasters like fire, hail, wind, lightning, and other forms of severe weather. A homeowners policy provides coverage for other forms of damage as well.

Our agents at the EverGreen Insurance Agency want our Middletown, NY customers to understand what’s covered by a standard homeowners insurance policy. 

What’s Covered?

A homeowners’ policy covers the repair or replacement of the exterior and interior of your home. It also covers the structures on your property and your personal belongings. The cash value to repair or replace your home or belongings is also covered. You also receive liability coverage as part of a standard homeowners policy. The liability coverage includes injury to others while on your property and damage to someone else’s property. 

Will My Homeowners Insurance Policy Cover the Repair of My Foundation?

A standard homeowners insurance policy will not cover all damage to your home’s foundation. For example, any damage that occurs under your foundation’s slab isn’t covered. Regular wear and tear on your foundation, and damage that comes from negligence, aren’t covered under your homeowners’ policy either. However, your policy will cover the repair of your damaged foundation above the slab. Any damage caused by vandalism, water, and fire is covered under a standard policy.

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