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Things home insurance won’t cover

Homeowners count on home insurance to protect them from the risks all homeowners face. Home insurance offers a lot of different types of protection. It protects your content from many hazards, it gives you a safety net against judgments against you and it helps you to have a place to stay if your home is damaged. It doesn’t, however, protect against everything that can go wrong. At EverGreen Insurance Agency in Middletown, NY, we try to educate our customers about the things that home insurance won’t cover. 

Owner negligence

As a homeowner, the insurance company has the expectation you will maintain your home. That covers a lot of ground. It means you will replace your roof or repair it so it won’t cause damage to the interior of your home. It means you will fix an uneven board on your porch so guests won’t trip. It means you will get your home treated for termites so your home is not damaged. If you don’t do the necessary repairs and maintenance, you may find that your insurance won’t cover the damage. 


Floods are common natural disasters and getting even more common. They are not covered under a traditional home insurance policy. You need to have a dedicated flood policy to have the protection you need. 

Earth Movement

Several different kinds of disasters are considered earth movement. It means earthquakes, mudslides, and sinkholes. All of these need to be covered with an endorsement or a separate policy since they are excluded from the majority of home insurance policies. 

Always read your home insurance policy carefully so you are aware of any exclusions it has. 

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