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Life Insurance Is Important For All Ages.

Life insurance is likely the last thing on your mind as you through your day-to-day life, especially if you do not have any children or dependents. However, it may be something you want to consider no matter the path you are currently on. At EverGreen Insurance Agency we provide life insurance to people of all ages in the Middletown, NY region. 

Reasons To Consider Life Insurance Even If You Do Not Have Dependents

  • You can purchase coverage just for your funeral expenses, so you do not leave the burden of cost on your loved ones. Many people see life insurance as this huge policy. However, it can be catered to individual needs. 
  • In many cases, if you get life insurance when you are young and healthy you will pay less each month even as you age. This can add up significantly over the years. Long-term life insurance offers many benefits that people who purchase their first policy later miss out on. 
  • Even if you do not have children life insurance is needed if you have a spouse, even if your spouse may make more than you. If you sign for a mortgage or share bills together it makes sense to leave them with some support. 
  • Some policies have “living benefits” that allow the policyholder to cash out some of the money they paid into their policy at certain points. The earlier you purchase this policy the better for this purpose. Be sure to ask about this benefit. 

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