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Why basic auto insurance may not be the right choice for you

Finding out you have the wrong auto insurance can be a costly mistake. Usually, it becomes evident when you have an accident. Getting your policy reviewed and making sure your coverage is right is what we do at EverGreen Insurance Agency in Middletown, NY. 

Why basic auto insurance may not be the right choice for you

In New York State, basic auto insurance is a no-fault, liability, and uninsured motorist coverage.  The mandated total for no-fault is $50,000. The liability coverage must be $25,000 for physical injury (not causing a fatality), or $50,000 for any injury causing death, for a single person in an accident.  With a total of $50,000  in injury coverage (for non-life threatening injuries) for multiple persons in any one accident. The limit rises to $100,000 for the total accident if any injuries result in fatal injuries.

The minimum coverage mandated for property damage liability protection is $10,000 per accident. The mandated uninsured motorists’ protection required is the same minimum injury limits as mandated for liability insurance.   

While this may be a perfectly adequate amount of coverage for some people, it isn’t right for everyone. If you are making loan payments on your vehicle or if you lease, basic insurance won’t work for you. You also need to carry comprehensive and collision insurance to protect the vehicle. This will be required by the lessor or lender.

But for many people, having a vehicle is a necessity. Getting to work daily and performing all the tasks of daily life would be very difficult without a vehicle. Paying for the repairs that might result from an accident can be a hardship. Without additional coverage beyond basic, the repairs would be your responsibility. It is easier to have full coverage and be able to replace or repair your vehicle with insurance. 

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What Your Comprehensive Insurance Policy Covers

EverGreen Insurance Agency has helped many Middletown, NY residents get the high-quality car insurance that they need. For example, we have provided comprehensive insurance policies to many customers over the years. What exactly do these policies cover? Here’s what you need to know.

Comprehensive Covers Many Factors

Comprehensive insurance is a policy type that covers non-collision-related damage to your vehicle. You typically don’t need liability insurance to meet your state’s policy requirements. However, getting this protection can help you keep your vehicle strong and avoid long-term complications.

For example, comprehensive policies can cover a broad range of unique problems that are not your fault or triggered by anything you did. For a small price, you can typically add comprehensive coverage to your vehicle and pick various policy types. These options include:

  • Theft: Protect your vehicle if it gets stolen or broken into by a thief.
  • Natural Disasters: Get protection if earthquakes, tornadoes, hail, and other disasters strike you.
  • Vandalism: If somebody purposefully vandalizes your car, this protection can help.
  • Fire: Get protected from garage, engine, or accident fires to your vehicle.
  • Animal Damage: Buy this policy to protect yourself from animal-related issues.
  • Some Negligence: Slight negligence may get covered by this policy.
  • Civil Disturbance: If a riot or other disturbance damages your car, you can get this protection.

Talk with your insurance provider about each of these options to find one that works for you. Make sure that they’re willing to add additional elements to your policy to protect you.

Get Coverage You Can Trust

If you want high-quality comprehensive insurance for your vehicle, call us at EverGreen Insurance Agency to learn more. We serve the greater Middletown, NY area and are proud to provide great coverage at affordable rates. Talk to us today to learn more about how we can help you.

Insuring teenage drivers in NY

EverGreen Insurance Agency wants to help families in the Middletown, NY area protect their teenage drivers. Learning to drive is a wonderful rite of passage, but it is not without its risks. If it’s time for your teenager to get out on the road, give us a call to discuss your insurance options.

Insuring your teenage driver

Learning how to drive is an important skill. And, for many teenagers, it is their first real taste of freedom and responsibility. If someone in your family has just started to drive, you may be wondering how this additional driver may affect your insurance needs.

Teenagers are typically more likely to be involved in fender benders and other minor damage-causing incidents. Because of this, some families opt to insure the younger family members on a different policy. Every situation is different, and for your family, it may make more sense to have one auto insurance policy for all drivers.

It makes sense to take the time to determine which path is right for your family and your specific coverage needs. Working with a local agent who takes the time to fully understand your family’s situation is one way to make your decision. Having a number of different options available will help you choose the policy that is most suitable for your needs.

Find out more about insurance for your teenager today!

If you are a parent of a new teenage driver in the Middletown, NY area, turn to EverGreen Insurance Agency for all of your family’s auto insurance needs. We are here to help! Give us a call today and find out more about the auto insurance options available in our area.

Three Tips for Filing an Auto Insurance Claim

Due to the fact that auto accidents can be incredibly stressful, a lot of motorists have no idea what steps to take after they are involved in a collision. The good news is that the process of filing an auto insurance claim and seeking the compensation needed after an accident is relatively straightforward, especially here at EverGreen Insurance Agency. In fact, we want to share three tips for filing an auto insurance claim so Middletown, NY residents are a bit more prepared in the event of an unexpected car crash.

Contact the Authorities

It is illegal to leave the scene of a car accident that has resulted in any significant property damage or personal injury in New York, as is the case with most states throughout the country. Therefore, when involved in an auto collision, contact the local police. When the police arrive, they will conduct a thorough investigation, producing a detailed report of the accident. This report can be used to prove liability for the crash while also speeding up the insurance company’s investigation, thereby expediting your insurance claim.

Collect Evidence

Although the authorities will create their own independent report, you do have the right to submit your own evidence that you collected from the scene to the insurance company. In fact, it is likely to expedite the process. So, while at the scene of the crash, take photos of the vehicle and property damage, the surrounding area, the weather conditions, etc. Make sure to get contact information from the other driver and any eyewitnesses. Even if you don’t believe something is valuable, write it down or take a photo anyway.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Following an accident, don’t forget to contact your auto insurance company. Do this as soon as possible so they can begin the processing of your claim. You may want to check with your insurer to find out how long you have to report accidents, as many companies require you to report an accident within a specific amount of time. If you fail to do this, your claim could be denied outright.

If you aren’t seriously injured in the accident, you may want to contact your insurance agent immediately, as they can walk you through the exact steps you need to take while at the scene.

EverGreen Insurance Agency is here if you have any questions or concerns. Serving Middletown, NY and surrounding areas, our team can help you with filing an insurance claim or obtaining the proper amount of insurance coverage based on your individual needs. Contact us today for more information.

Why Driving without Auto Insurance is a Risk You Should Not Take

EverGreen Insurance Agency, serving the Middletown, NY area, offers auto insurance for all of your needs in the state of New York. Knowing your legal requirements for carrying auto insurance is an important step toward keeping in line with the legal mandate. If you are stopped without insurance in New York, you could experience the following:

  • Liability coverage must include a minimum of $25,000 for bodily injury to one person
  • $50,000 for bodily injury to all persons
  • $100,000 for property damage per accident

Why Knowing the Minimums is Important

Knowing the minimums is important not only because you need to know that you are following the law in your state, but also so you will know what these minimums cover.  For example, if an accident results in more than the minimums for bodily injury or property damage, that means that, if it costs more to compensate people for the damages, you will be at a loss for the rest of the out-of-pocket expense. 

Rule of Thumb for Insurance

Most insurance agents will tell you that the rule of thumb for insurance is that you need to carry enough insurance to cover a little more than the minimums in case the mandated amounts are not enough in a given incident. There may be other areas you want to insure as well to make sure you are protecting your personal property.

We are not recommending that you carry more insurance than you need. But it’s important to talk to the pros with EverGreen Insurance Agency if you live in the Middletown, NY area to make sure you have what you need. It’s important to protect your property, yourself, and those you love most. We can help. Call us today to find out more.

What auto insurance is required in New York

New York State is a scenic place to drive. With more than 200,000 miles of roads, it never gets old, and taking a road trip is a common pastime. Before you hit the road in New York, it is important that you have the mandated auto insurance. At EverGreen Insurance Agency in Middletown, NY, we are locally owned and operated. We provide friendly, personalized service and offer our customers the great choices that only an independent agency can. 

In the state of New York, all drivers are required to have liability insurance. The required amount is $10,000 for damage to property in one accident. $25,000 for bodily injury for the first person and a total of $50,000 for an accident is mandated. If a person dies, the coverage is $50,000 and a total of $100,000 for more than one death. You cannot register a vehicle in the state of New York without the required auto insurance coverage. The insurance must stay in effect even if the vehicle is not currently on the road. The insurance must be in the name of the person to whom the vehicle is registered. 

If you are caught driving without the required liability insurance, you may be made to pay a fine of between $150 and $1500. You may also have to spend 15 days in jail. Your vehicle is subject to impounding, and you could lose your license for up to a year. Driving without auto insurance is taken very seriously in New York State. If your license is revoked, you will have to pay $750 to get it reinstated. 

If you have an auto loan, you will be required to carry collision and comprehensive coverage, protecting the vehicle. 

Contact EverGreen Insurance Agency in Middletown, NY for all your auto insurance needs. Give us a call or stop by our office.